Update 1.0.3

This is a baby update to fix some of the sprites from disappearing and fix the 2 cup mode from exploding the game. (For some reason it wasn’t detecting the second cup before and it made it impossible to use). A balance patch and some other fixes are needed but they will get rolled into a post-jam update.

After the rating period concludes a 1.1 feature update will be uploaded to add some more features more than likely.


CafeCrush-WebGL- Play in browser
Aug 17, 2021
CafeCrush-Windows-1.0.3.zip 29 MB
Aug 17, 2021
CafeCrush-Linux-1.0.3.zip 43 MB
Aug 17, 2021
Recipes.png 11 kB
Aug 15, 2021

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